Bodhi Stars,,
I have been a student of Sandeep Sir since 2013. All his teachings help me gain knowledge and carve my thinking process correctly. Bodhibooster is a one stop solution for all the students(UPSC, MBA,SSC & others) and a blessing for those who can not afford coaching of competitive exams.
- Anirudh Singh Chauhan, Ahmedabad, September 2017,,
I am a sailor in Indian Navy. it has been my dream to be an officer since my childhood, but due to continuous long sailing into the sea, I was not able to complete my graduation. Now, when i am posted in ashore, i am able to start my journey to my dream. One year ago, i had no idea about a good teacher who can make me eligible to crack my dream. But someone told me about PTeducation. Initially, I used to see videos of Sandeep sir on You tube. I was very inspired and finally decided to do a full course. After a few months, I can see a good change in me. Now, I am confident. Today, I am very sure about myself that I can achieve my goal in near future. Thank you Sandeep Sir
- Amarjeet Pathak, Nagapattinam, September 2017,,
This website has given me immense knowledge regarding all current affairs and boosted my confidence. Earlier I use to wait for the uploads to stack in my brain. but I am happy to say that the pace at which the uploads are taking place, is commendable. It shows the hidden team effort. I thank each one for making this portal knowledge Rich. I like the way the contents are written and website the way it is built. The categorization is done to the point. I cannot describe in words for civil tapasya portal. Hats off to the team working day in and day out. Regards Deepak Kalyanshetti.
- Deepak Kalyanshetti, Pune, August 2017

In this age of knowledge explosion, it is very hard to grasp the true knowledge. PT Education is doing a fantastic job in providing such a fantastic content and most of it is free of cost. I have been associated with PT education for 7 years now through various courses and i have seen that they are constantly striving and innovating to make knowledge available to the students. Sandeep Sir is a wikipedia in himself and the amount of knowledge he posseses always gets reflected in his videos . Thanks a lot PT Education.
- Saurabh Mittal, New Delhi, August 2017,,
Thank u sir I understand the complete story + KB series this topic is clear. Sir Donald Trump on Afghanistan topic par content SRC ya bodhi booster me content dal do plz sir.
- Hemant Tiwari, Chhatarpur, August 2017,,
An exemplary job done by the team of PT's Education under the supervision of Sandeep Manudhane sir, making the field and stream of education a much more simplistic and accessible amenity to the students and professionals of this country. the rapid updates and continuous revision of course materials done by the whole team is something that I massively appreciate and thank them for their this great contribution. The instant update on the topic of triple talaq on the same day as of the SC judgement , is something that is an exceptional task done and i thank them for that.
- Suvam Dhar, Guwahati, August 2017,,
Thank you Sir for the delightful lectures. You must have read my mind, because your study materials are exactly what I wanted. You & your team are simply awesome.You guys rock !!
- Shubham, Mhow, August 2017,,
Dear Sandeep Sir, Hope the day is treating you well, First of all, I would like to thank you for the range of videos that are being published on the youtube channel. I recently cleared the Maharastra CM fellowship online test and have been shortlisted for the interview. The primary credit of this success goes to the PT Education team.
- Tarpan Vyas, Mumbai, August 2017,,
Namaste sir, Thanks to all pt education team,and specical thanks to Mr.Sandeep Manudhane sir,who is not only a good teacher,motivator but also my Ideal Teacher. I have seen all the lecture taught by sandeep sir and make a note of each lecture. I like the way of teaching using both hindi and english lanuguage. I have got abundent knowledge from here. Thanks to all.
- Satish Kumar, Biharsharif July 2017,,
I simply treat PT Education as a shrine of Knowledge. Its content is beyond any alternative that one can have for their final aim to achieve in life. This is one thing which I personally have decided to opt for without anyone's reference. This I had opted two years back referring few of the excerpts posted on Youtube. Until then I have found tremendous change in my exposure to the external world. What can be the eternal aim of education, PT & Sandeep Sir has taught me in reality-to be independent, to be free and feel emancipated, renounce the fruit of deeds and focus on "Karma". This is simply evolutionary and I am confident of fructify my aim with the guidance given by PT's IAS Academy.
- Muralidhar Pathak, Ahmedabad June 2017,,
Thanks @ Team Bodhi Booster for clearing all my doubts regarding national forces. This one article is enough to understand the structure of forces.
- Narayan Harjani, Sagar June 2017,,
It has been a great to see this and have so much brief and precise information on any topic which is crucial for exam point of view as well as for self realisation of the topic and news. Enjoying this at the same am gaining very good stuff for preparation of UPSC Civil Services 2018. Thanks for your wonderful effort for the students like us and making it a bit closer to the taste of success...
- Ashutosh Kumar, Ranchi June 2017,,
"What we think, we become". Buddha I really like and love the the whole team penetrating the intellectual education especially sundeep sir , please make the presentation on Kashmir issue.
- RASIK AHMAD, Bijibhera(J&K) May 2017,,
Sir i m heartly thank you for the video compiled by you and your team under the site bodhi shiksha . they are very useful and brings deep understanding of any contemporary issue . since we can watch these videos anytime online i still request you to provide free and easy downloadable option so that one can access those video without internet connection... and please do provide separate videos for general studies like history geography polity etc etc with respect to prelims exam for both upsc and psc level. JAI HIND.......
- Aditya Sharma, Gwalior May 2017,,
Greetings one of the top writers at Quora and bodhi team. First of all I want to thank Sandeep sir and entire Bodhi team for their extraordinary and incessant efforts to provide us knowledge in nutshell. Sandeep sir, your profound analysis of the articles in 'The Economist', your 'connecting - the- dots' approach, vocabulary booster series, confidence booster series, Bodhi resource portal have helped me immensely and added a potent vigour in my UPSC preparations. Equally appreciable is the work of entire Bodhi team that is working behind the curtain and ensuring that we get seamless streaming of Bodhi videos even at low internet speed. It is my humble request to all of you that please do not discontinue this excellent series. Best wishes for your future endeavors.. JAI HIND.......
- Aditya K, Pune May 2017,,
First of all a big salute to. Sandeep sir, all members of PT education and Bodhi family. Sir the work you are doing in simple language is "punya in kalyug". For students like me who are defence and govt aspirants updating oneself is very important as well as herculean task as there are also others job to perform. Ur and your team work comes to the rescue. Especially your confidence booster. Thanku so much and plz keep going. Jai hind.
- Pramod, Dehradun May 2017,,
I love your style of portraying that way, your style is really mesmerizing and so...
- Rasik Ahmad Tantrey, Bijibheara Aswara (Jammu and Kashmir), May 2017,,
सर जी में अब नियमित रूप से आपके द्वारा दिये जाने वाली ज्ञान रूपीं जानकारी का अध्ययन कर रहा हूँ और काफी बेहतर महसूस कर रहा हूँ ॥ हमलोगों के लिए अमूल्य पाठ्य सामग्री उपल्ब्ध कराने के लिए दिल से बहुत - बहुत बधाई सर जी ॥
- Madan Murari Mohan, Purnia, May 2017,,
It helps me a lot. this kind of details in one platform its really amazed me, and really our IT industry is in great mess but no one talking about it. and sir thank you u and your team doing really great work u r the one who noticed it earlier than any other channel.
- Sandip Roy, Alipurduar, May 2017,,
I want to thank Sandeep Sir and the entire Bodhi Booster team for their extraordinary efforts in providing Knowledge from across the globe. This portal is like a treasure for all the MBA Aspirants like me. I have been visiting this site from the start of this year. BodhiBooster has helped me in preparing for the GD/PI/WAT rounds of IIM interviews which ultimately leads to the conversion of IIM Kozhikode and IIM Shillong Calls :-) . With the availability of such lucid and concise knowledge at one place, we don't need to go anywhere else for the GK and other insights of Global Events.
- Amit Meshram, Nagpur, May 2017,,
Hlo, All team of bodhi and pt education. I have just started following your portal and I found it very helpful for my preparation. Being a defence forces aspirant I have found all topics whether on current and other detailed topics very useful. Thanku and keeping doing this. All d best. Jai hind
- Pramod Thapliyal, Dehradun, May 2017,,
I am a PTZen ,having access to premium portal also felt really working better besides the classes with shots from bodhi articles , bodhi resources ,news analysis , saar ,sameeksha ,prelims crackers , now with pt confidence boosters ,saar special . everyone shot really having a great scope from PT UNIVERSE ,which igniting the minds and to think with wide perspective . Now I am able to see the newspaper in a new way . a great thanks to shri .sandeep manudhane sir and his esteemed team for providing us the way towards becoming a real MAN.. we wish your blessings be with us in utilizing the full potential you radiate.
- Chigilipalli Pavankumar, Srikakulam, May 2017,,
I'm a student of PT's IAS Academy and studying from home. Because of such beautiful course and materials available online 24/7 accessible I'm able to study even from a village town and I feel very grateful being a student of PT's IAS Academy. Because of such MOOCs I'm able to keep on extending my skills especially by getting regular motivations from Sandeep Manudhane Sir, Hats Off to our Educationist Hero Mr. Sandeep Manudhane Sir and his team for making their regular efforts to bring out India's bests. I believe, all resources available here (Bodhi and PT's) can take anyone to any hight of success. Kar Ke Dikhayenge Jai Hind
- Mahendra Kushwaha, Semariya, May 2017,,
It's been a amazing experience since the inception. I have started following the Bodhi portal from Dec 2016 & I can feel the change in my self. I would like to thanks the PT IAS team for their unceasing endeavour for bringing this platform to the young eager minds. Once a wise man said " Knowledge is flowing from all the direction you just have to collect it ". I must say the knowledge is flowing from PT IAS ACADEMY Bodhi portal. At last but not the least keep it up PT IAS ACADEMY team.
- Chandan Kumar, Ghaziabad, May 2017

[ ##thumbs-o-up##  Write a Testimonial!]   [##star## Sameeksha Stars]     [##star## PT Stars]    [##fighter-jet## Free PT Boosters!],,
I am Varsha, currently a homemaker. My husband use to attend PT education in 2005 in Indore and is a big fan of SM sir. He used to tell me about way of teaching of SM sir, and how much he would want me to be educated from SM sir. Fortunately (after 11 years) in 2016 he found that there are online videos, which even both of us can use. While being in USA, he ordered complete set of PT IAS sessions for me, and I can confirm that learning from all of those videos has been great! Even today, when more than one year has passed, we are glad that we bought the entire study material. There is a beautiful quote in English, which ends like - "He who knows and knows he knows, he is wise—follow him!” SM sir is that person. He teaches you not only for your next exam/job but to start looking the world in a learned manner. I would highly recommend the sessions to anyone who wants wisdom from the Quintillion bytes of information generated every day. I think you will never regret.
- Varsha Sirvaiya, Erie, PA, May 2017,,
Sir I am a student of PT IAS Academy I am feel very proud to touch with PT Universe thank u sir.
- Hemant Tiwari, Chhatarpur, May 2017,,
Who is your idol person? my seniors asked me during ragging when I got admission in BHU then i had almost no answer to them because at that time I had no idol person. but now if today someone ask me, proudly I can say Sandeep Manudhane sir is my idol person. I got changed in afew months because of him. now i feel one of the most intellectual person in my class. I developed my interest in news papers only because of Manudhane sir. i follow your youtube channel. I follow you on facebook. I follow you on twitter. I follow you on quora and many other social plateforms you are doing a fabulous job. a big thanks to you and your team from bottom of my heart,lungs,kidney and almost all organs.
- Ramchandra Kushwaha, Varanasi, May 2017

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सबसे पहले तो सर आपको तहे दिल से धन्यवाद देता हूँ ॥ बोधि बूस्टर अपने में ही अमूल्य ज्ञान हैं पहले नजर मे ही यह मेरे दिल और दिमाग में असर छोड़ गया ॥ सच कहे तो मुझे बहुत ही लगाव हो गया हैं आपके बोधि बूस्टर सें सच में यह हमारे ही नहीं बल्कि पुरे परीक्षार्थी के लिए अमृत के समान हैं ॥ काफी अच्छा लगा मुझे अब मे आपका शिष्य के साथ साथ नियमित पाठक हो गया हूँ संदीप सर जी चरणों को छु कर मेरा प्रणाम
- Madan Murari Mohan, Purnia, May 2017,,
सम्मानित संदीप सर जी। मुझे आपकी सारी बोधियाँ और पीटी एजुकेशन की क्लास बहुत पसंद आती है मैं हर रोज उन्हें देखता हूँ।। सर मैं एक दिव्यांग छात्र हूँ और गरीब परिवार से हूँ लेकिन मैं सिविल सेवा की पढाई करना चाहता हूँ मेरी सबसे बड़ी हसरत यही है लेकिन इतनी आर्थिक स्थिति अच्छी नहीं है जिससे मैं ये कर सकूँ । सर मैं चाहता हूँ की आप एक बड़े स्तर के एक महान व्यक्ति है आप मेरी बात को सरकार तक पहुंचा दीजिये ताकि मुझे सरकारी अनुदान की सहायता से निशुल्क दाखिला और छात्रावास की सहायता प्राप्त हो सके। अगर आप इसमें मेरी किसी भी तरह की सहायता कर सकें तो जरुर करें सर मैं हमेशा आपका आभारी रहूँगा। विकास कटियार मोह्हल्ला तिवरियान छिबरामऊ जनपद कन्नौज यूपी।
- Vikas Katiyar, Chhibramau, April 2017,,
I really liked it for my prepration
- Yogesh Kumar, Gurugram, April 2017

[ ##thumbs-o-up##  Write a Testimonial!]   [##star## Sameeksha Stars]     [##star## PT Stars]    [##fighter-jet## Free PT Boosters!],,
I must express the value this amazing portal brought to my life. It has helped me to dive deep into the ocean of knowledge. Learned the tactics of connecting the dots to make creative pictures out of it . I use to follow your (Bodhi Booster) portal regularly ,and have been a student of PT Universe. I hav topped Afcat & UPSC CDS exam with flying colors . It wud nt be possible without proper guidance of my guru (Sandeep sir) ,blessings of my parents & support of my love in every situation. Thanku so much! I would like to conclude it with a message for every student; 1) Classify yourself and recognize your dream ,stick to it 2) follow Bodhi booster regularly 3) Set anything (any inspirational quote quotes ,or the picture of someone or something you love the most) as your homescreen wallpaper on your mobile or laptop . This will remind you about your goal and its importance everytime you use your mobile It has worked for me. It will work for you too.
- Vinay Pandey (AIR - 7), Nagpur, April 2017,,
Namaste Sir, You are great in numerous ways - 1. Connecting the Dots 2. Explaining in detailed manner 3. Varied Topics 4. Enriching us in English as well as our National language Hindi 5. Connecting things to our culture etc. 6. We love all your Bodhis , saars , confidence Booster sessions , Vocab , Sameeksha ... the list is never ending. Jai Hind!! नमस्ते Sir , आप कई मायनों में महान हैं - 1. डॉट्स कनेक्ट करना 2. विस्तृत तरीके से व्याख्या करना 3. विभिन्न विषय 4. हमें अंग्रेजी में और हमारे राष्ट्रीय भाषा हिंदी में समृद्ध करना 5. हमारी संस्कृति आदि में चीजों को जोड़ने। 6. हम अपने सभी Bodhis , saars , confidence Booster sessions , Vocab , Sameeksha ... को प्यार करते हैं। जय हिन्द!!
- Aayush Soni, Gorakhpur, April 2017,,
सर मैंने आपका लगभग सारा वीडियो देखा है इतनी बेहतरीन प्रस्तुति के लिए आपको एवं आपकी पूरी टीम को धन्यवाद
- Rocky Raman, Nit Patna, April 2017

[ ##thumbs-o-up##  Write a Testimonial!]   [##star## Sameeksha Stars]     [##star## PT Stars]    [##fighter-jet## Free PT Boosters!],,
Dear Sir, I watch regularly Confidence booster videos, what I like the most is your style, the dose you give to students and last but not the least the connection of DOT adds the flavor into it. Jai hind!!
- Deepak Kalyanshetti, Pune, April 2017,,
Hello sir.. Your efforts have always been outstanding and the tactics u got are unparalleled. I wish there could have been many other mentors like u, but the credit goes to the team as well. It seems u all are working very hard for the betterment of masses. Many people are getting benefit by your videos. Don,t stop, keep making videos .Believe m u r reaching the masses. Time is very near that your way would be regarded as best of all as far as teaching tactics are concerned. Your confidence booster session is marvelous. Thank you!
- Khuram Mir, Delhi, April 2017

Sir,I regularly follows the PT Education since my early college days (2014).And ,now it is very pleasant situation when I go through all the lecture videos it makes clear understanding of many complex issues in a easy way.
- Pulak Mondal, Kolkata, April 2017

[ ##thumbs-o-up##  Write a Testimonial!]   [##star## Sameeksha Stars]     [##star## PT Stars]    [##fighter-jet## Free PT Boosters!],,
Bodhi Booster is really a great portal for learning. One of the most amazing thing about bodhi booster is the way of its structured topics. Every news either its a national issue or international affairs is in systematic way, so that one can easily grasp the whole news from its very past to the current happening. I appreciate the way of organizing and maintaining such an interactive learning portal.
- Abhinav Raj, New Delhi, April 2017,,
This is a magnanimous work that you people doing . This is an another way of social work thanks a lot !
- Kishan Gautam, Bhopal, April 2017,,
Hello Bodhi Booster team, I believe there comes a point in life where you start questioning things around you. One such incident happened with me a couple of years back. I was watching some news about how one of the Muslim member of the society was badly manhandled by Hindu extremists on the pretext of storing beef in his house.Also the victim succumbed to his injuries after a couple of days. This was one such incident which led me to think "What is Hinduism?".And If I am a Hindu, what are the genuine things that I should be proud of and what are the wrong things that people have manipulated over the years just for creating chaos in the society. The search for the answer led me to the video lecture of Hinduism on PT's Youtube Channel and believe me; I watched the whole 4.5 hr session in just one go. Your videos are full of knowledge and the best thing about them is that they are never partial and carries all the aspects of the subject.Thank you Sir for enlightening us with knowledge.
- Kishore Gurao, Dewas, April 2017

[ ##thumbs-o-up##  Write a Testimonial!]   [##star## Sameeksha Stars]     [##star## PT Stars]    [##fighter-jet## Free PT Boosters!],,
I'm a primary teacher (para - teacher) at Araria , Bihar. My fortune that I came to know about PTeducation two years ago. Its my privilege to be a PTzen since last December . Without PTeducation or Bodhi Booster , I could never be able to prepare for my exams like UPSC with such potential. Really this portal is like Gautam Buddha . A sincere thanks to the entire team of PTeducation and Bodhi Booster and 'CHARANSPARSH' to the Super Guru Shri Sandeep Manudhane .
- Amit Kumar Mandal, Araria, April 2017,,
Thank you for providing the vast ocean of knowledge. Bodhi booster is an amazing awareness booster and resource center on different topics. Though Iam not preparing for any exams, I am enjoying the insights and topics especially on the video channel, Bodhi Shiksha.
- Himal Karku, Udayapur, April 2017,,
Sir I am seeing you channel since from 2013 when I was in a class 9 your channel helped a lot for grasping a knowledge in an era where people thinks about that learning social science is belonging to the weak student I am not having a stronge parenity but a hope of ganing knowledge an do something great like a tina dabi now I have given my 12 exam and in a free time I am learning and ganing a knowledge with ur website tnx for this help sir
- Leetesh Kurrey, Bilaspur, April 2017

[ ##thumbs-o-up##  Write a Testimonial!]   [##star## Sameeksha Stars]     [##star## PT Stars]    [##fighter-jet## Free PT Boosters!],,
Dear Sandeep Manudhane sir I bow to you in reverence because whenever I thought of any guru or rishi your image comes in my mind and at the same time I request you to please start a teachers training institute where you should teach to teachers of our "bharat" how to teach. Because the teaching technique you follow makes us learn not study and the humour you add alongwith knowledge makes your session a movie. I have learn really about Hinduism by your 4.5 hrs lecture sir.
- Mayank Mishra, Bhilai, April 2017,,
Samast bodhi team aur Sandeep sir ko hriday se pranaam aapke dwara kiye jaa rahe is bhaagirathi prayas ko main koti- koti naman karta hoon. aapke is prayaas se aaj desh k har kone tak gyan ka prakash phelta hi jaa raha hain . bahut bahut dhanyawad
- Ravindra Kumar Singh, Gwalior, April 2017,,
I am working in automotive industry, The first video I and my wife watched was Hinduism 4.5 Hrs full lecturer. We both experienced altogether a different level of experience, I just don't have any words to describe. There on our day start with Bodhi booster and ends with watching any of PT -  IAS eduction videos. like Money. US crisis. GDP GNP and lot more. again and again The best part I would like to share is, Usually I use to travel by my CAR to company. Now to watch boodhi videos, I travel by company BUS, I wish a great success to Manudhane sir and to people who are involved in making this change in education system. Me and my wife will be happy to volunteer for boodhi booster. I have done BE electronics (2006) and my wife BE Computer science (2011)
- Deepak Kalyanshetti, Pune, April 2017

[ ##thumbs-o-up##  Write a Testimonial!]   [##star## Sameeksha Stars]     [##star## PT Stars]    [##fighter-jet## Free PT Boosters!],,
Namaste Bodhi team.. The hard work which the indistinguishable team is doing is अतुलनीय. कोटि कोटि धन्यवाद Sandeep Sir. After every Bodhi session my heart gets pumped up with confidence and knowledge. And the confidence booster initiative is equally belligerent. I seriously owe a great deal for the Economic Survey and the Union Budget sessions...... This is my third testimonial. I feel like writing it after every session but it would seem odd then. Thank you sir and a grand salute from a young aspiring knowledge seeker. Jai Hind.
- Brajesh Mishra, Bhagalpur, April 2017,,
I am currently pursuing my Management studies form IIM Indore & I have been a diligent follower of Bodhi Booster. My experience with the website has been very instrumental in building my awareness towards world events & their implications to Indian society. I feel more confident and aware about events & news in general. The best part about the videos / articles is that It gives us a very unbiased perspective on the issue being discussed. Bodhi Booster gives me an upper edge in conversations with colleagues & makes me re-think about Politics & Economy. I feel more updated & aware after using Bodhi Booster. I am thankful to its makers for creating such an amazing knowledge platform to help us learn & grow intellectually.
- Archit Kothari, Indore, April 2017,,
First of all thanks to technology by which i could get like you & your knowledge portal..otherwise it Is Not possible to get like u a great teacher,Motivator,& Creator of knowledge initiative and lots more.. eversince i find this awesome portal, not a single day happened that i not think of this amazing site.I also shared this experience to my friends,cousin,sibling and others..Undoubtedly Sir, You & Your team makes me perfect and inspire to do much more...I enjoy all videos analysis,Saar,news,updates,bodhi,current affairs session ,lecture on particular topic like Hinduism,Indian economy,universe,Terrorism, industrilisation, and many motivational sessions ...this all gives us wide perspective of knowledge.which makes us mature in terms of sense & knowledge..Really this is Revolution in education..Sir my experiences and feelings are unable to put here in words.& My English is also not to well..but try to may be error in sentence formulation but not in intention..Many Many Thanks
- Munna Jha, Araria, April 2017

[ ##thumbs-o-up##  Write a Testimonial!]   [##star## Sameeksha Stars]     [##star## PT Stars]    [##fighter-jet## Free PT Boosters!],,
I am working in bharat electronics limited and was wanting to preparing for civil services. But the problem was that how I start for that. Then I have known about the PT self preparation course and saw the video of Sandeep Sir which was extremely good as of my perception and joined the course. But another problem come after that is how study current affairs like news, editorials etc. because I did not have enough time (parallel office also) then PT give me the perfect solution for that is Bodhi Booster Premium (having Prabodhan etc.) and others resources which is priceless for me because more knowledge in less time. Thanks PT team!
- Vindhyachal Verma, Kotdwar, April 2017,,
Thanks for starting such amazing portal, I have been using it for English development. And this portal proved boon for me. Bodhibooster helped me:- -To Increase knowledge, -To develop writing skills, -To increase confidence, -To make opinion on various issues I use to write all bodhi saars, this helped me a lot. even I dont know when my English improved. I realized it is spontaneous process (said by you in session) Sir you are given me a lot But it became our habit to ask you more. Poem which suits here देणाऱ्याने देता जावे घेणाऱ्याने घेता जावे घेणाऱ्याने घेता घेता एक दिवस देणाऱ्याचे हाथ घ्यावे. Please provide us English oriented bodhis which embed in bodhis itself (as you said English with the help of CA) Manudhane Sir Thanks a lot. You have given me a lot
- Shailesh Sharma, Jalamb Tq, Shegaon, April 2017,,
I try to follow the bodhis regularly and I must say that the team is doing a jolly good job! In this day and age, when a host of activities are happening around the world, it gets pretty difficult for us to keep up with them. Here, the bodhis come to our rescue. They are to to-the-point, interestingly presented and backed up with facts and stats, which make even the boring issues seem all the more relevant and interesting. I am a PTzen and so it goes without saying what difference Sandeep Sir and Ram Sir( his uncanny humour often leaves me in splits!) have made to our lives. I sincerely wish Team Bodhi and TeamPT all the success! Thank you for everything. :)
- Madhuryamoy Ray, Kolkata, April 2017

[ ##thumbs-o-up##  Write a Testimonial!]   [##star## Sameeksha Stars]     [##star## PT Stars]    [##fighter-jet## Free PT Boosters!],,
Feeling blessed by learning with bodhi booster.This web portal going to be super 30 for civil services exam and Sundeep sir is next Aananad kumar.thank u bodhi booster for leading revoluion in e education
- Vijay Tyagi, Modi Nagar, April 2017,,
सर, आपका समर्पण है आपका प्रयास है, निश्चित ही जिसकी कहानी लिखी जायेगी। बढ़ रहे हैं आगे हम प्रेरणा ले आपसे , मेहनत ये आपकी बेकार नहीं जायेगी।। आपका अगाध ज्ञान श्रेष्ठ शिक्षण कला, हम सभी की सोयी हुई चेतना जगायेगी। पाकर अमूल्य मार्गदर्शन आपका , युवा पीढ़ी आज की महान हो जायेगी।। A lot of thanks from my bottom of heart to sandeep sir and his dedicated team..4 providing such amazing the learner.....
- Chetan Kumar, Bilaspur, April 2017,,
Comprehensive coverage of contemporary topics by Manudhane sir is exemplary, unbiased and most refined form of knowledge that i could find on any of the knowledge portals on the internet. The way it has improved since its inception is excellent. I hope that this is a one stop solution for a whole lot of youngsters who are searching for knowledge (obviously to crack the exams). Personally, I have been an regular follower of all the common and premium services and i can feel the improvement in my ability to comprehend things in a more integrated manner (connecting the dots) when i do my own newspaper reading.
- Prince Anupam Singh, IIT Kharagpur, April 2017

[ ##thumbs-o-up##  Write a Testimonial!]   [##star## Sameeksha Stars]     [##star## PT Stars]    [##fighter-jet## Free PT Boosters!],,
संदीप सर और पीटी आईअएस अकादेमी के साथ मेरी शुरुआत २०१५ मे हुईं जिसे मै अपने जीवन का एक शानदार फैसला मानता हू और पीटी परिवार के साथ अब ये सफ़र २ साल से अधिक का हो गया है. मैंने अपने जीवन मे बहुत से लोगो से शिक्षा ग्रहण की पर संदीप सर से पढना अपने आप मे सबसे अनोखा अनुभव् है - शानदार-जबरजस्त-ज्ञान से पूर्ण. ज्ञान-विज्ञान-आध्यात्म-योग-सूत्र-के उपासक है आप और सर आपके पढने का लगन हमें प्रेरित करता है. और साथ ही पूरी पीटी परिवार को शुभकामना और प्रेम. उत्तम स्वस्थ्य की कामना. जय हिन्द ..
- Akash Dewangan, New Delhi, April 2017,,
A few months back when I was searching videos for vocabulary enrichment, what I came across was a video by PT's IAS Academy on Vocabulary. Initially, I didn't take it that seriously but when the video started I was so impressed by the way of teaching, I noted down everything. I have seen a very few teachers like Sandeep sir in my life so far. Practically, I've been watching the videos of Bodhi Booster since its very 1st episode. I have watched literally all its episodes except 2 or 3. And, the change in me is remarkable, I can sense it. And the videos of PT Education on different topics are so enriched with knowledge even my family members watch it (especially the one on Hinduism). In fact I really chant the mantr that u asked to. And, the best thing about this portal is that we get quick replies of the questions we ask. It's really a digital classroom. I really love this. And, I do suggest my friends and relatives to watch this. THANK YOU & ALL THE BEST BODHI BOOSTER!
- Bhawana Mishra, Kharagpur, April 2017,,
Sir , one of the best thing of bodhi is that it is just not the source of 'data collecting' but these bodhi sessions have made me to have my own perspective regarding the affairs going on. Now I think more, not just about what's going on also about why it is going on and who is gonna be benefited from that overall. THANK YOU SIR.
- Priyank Sharma, Saharanpur, April 2017

[ ##thumbs-o-up##  Write a Testimonial!]   [##star## Sameeksha Stars]     [##star## PT Stars]    [##fighter-jet## Free PT Boosters!],,
Dear Sir and Entire PTedu Team all your efforts and work are really outstanding and thankless, it's really education revolution. Each and every time whenever I visit this portal I get it's more enrich with lots of new and useful stuffs. I want to share one more my experience, sir whenever I see your and your team efforts and energy level than I am thinking who can you continued it in each and every lectures, day and's already motivated me. I refers Bodhi portal to all person, really it's not only for students but at least for all Indians. Thank You Very Much For All Your Efforts and This Wonderful Initiative!
- Gourav R, Bhopal, April 2017,,
Best site for UPSC exam preparation. In Vizag we don't have quality institution for UPSC training. Thanks to bodhi booster and PTIAS Academy . I'm really enjoying the classes. Moreover the classes by Sandeep sir are quite amazing. Thank you soo much sir for consistent efforts. I'm sure this site would reach every student in India in a short span.
- Harsha Sharma, Visakhapatnam, March 2017,,
My success in several GDPI'S goes to this fantastic super-rich knowledge portal. The quality of insights given by sir is invaluable. Today i am confidant person and self cultivated learner. All the credit goes to your team sir. i m loving and in-joying this transformation within me.
- Lalit Suthar, Sirohi, March 2017

[ ##thumbs-o-up##  Write a Testimonial!]   [##star## Sameeksha Stars]     [##star## PT Stars]    [##fighter-jet## Free PT Boosters!],,
Previously I had seen some of the videos from PT classes, but now onward I will see also the videos of Bodhi Saar or Bodhi Booster. Thank You!
- Akask, Balasore, March 2017,,
Its unbelievable service you are providing to new growing young. Sir I want to say many things but I can't find words... so I only want to express my feeling by saying that noting is better than this in the service of a nation. I am a civil service aspirant and I find myself very confident now because I follow your instruction and daily I watch your Bodhi Saar and preparing notes from it really helps me. I am thankful to your full team your are doing a lot for us but unfortunately I can't do anything for your whole team except good wishes. God bless you sir.
- Mohd Ajaz, Jammu, March 2017,,
I was a great experience!
- Jai Kumar, Karnal, March 2017

[ ##thumbs-o-up##  Write a Testimonial!]   [##star## Sameeksha Stars]     [##star## PT Stars]    [##fighter-jet## Free PT Boosters!],,
Sandeep sir you are Symbol of Guru. Jis prakar Lord Shiva ke 14 sutra paath ka ucharan krne SE man(mind) sant rehta hai aur Maya(illusion) bhi kuch nhi bigar paati thik OSI 14 sutra ki tarah aapki class hoti hai.jab hum aapka video dekhte hai tarah tarah ka illusion hamara kuch nhi kr paati...aapko Sat Sat naman guru ji!
- Pankaj Kumar, Hoshiarpur, March 2017,,
Sandeep sir explaining topics and subjects are really "mind blowing". I appreciate your whole team's work. thanks to all!

- Vivek Kumar, Bokaro Steel City, March 2017,,
I have seen the Bodhi Saar videos. It is very good for competitions

- Prashant Tiwari, Kohandaur Pratapgarh, March 2017,,
I am an Engineering graduate and currently preparing for CDS and other Govt exams. I am really thankful for your venture. It really helps me a lot. Please keep on uploding more video sessions. Regards

- Karan Vir Syal, Chandigarh, March 2017,,
Myself Amarjeet Devidas working in Central Govt. I am one of the biggest fans of Sandeep sir since last three years. I was using PT education earlier, saw each and every video which provides deep knowledge. I had that great opportunity to join Bodhi Booster as member from the day first. I learnt a numbers of things from the lectures. Bodhi news analysis is really kind of nuclear weapon of the knowledge. You can crack any examination with this. I never forget to visit Bodhi News updates and Bodhi Sameeksha also. One very special thing about Sandeep sir that he teaches in bilingual language (Hindi and English) - nobody can possess this special art in the world and your affection about our national language Hindi is admirable. Your voice inspires me everytime whenever i listen you..Sir. I respect you from my heart. I would like to thank the entire Bodhi team for developing this live knowledge world web portal....DUE TO THIS MY HOPES ARE STILL ALIVE TO ACHIEVE MY GOAL!
- Amarjeet Devidas, Solapur, March 2017,,
I earnestly thank to"Bodhi Shiksha" for improving my knowledge in a nutshell. Sandeep sir really brings all resources under one umbrella.You carried all the matters with an expert hand.It's helping me a lot to sharpen my own acumen.I wish god will give you 1000 yrs life with full prosperity. Frugal in words fathomless meaning always. Regards!
- Gopi Ram, Pali, March 2017,,
सर आपके सभी सेशन का बड़ा ही दिव्य अनुभव रहा। चाहे वह Bodhi Booster हो या फिर knowledge booster हो। आपके सेशन देखकर मैंने सोचना सीखा। आपके बारे में बोलने के लिए मैं बहुत छोटा हूं, मेरे शब्द बहुत छोटे हैं। आपका 'Hinduism, nanotechnology, concept of money etc सेशन का मैं बड़ा ही दिव्य आनंद उठाया। मैं आपका भक्त हो गया गुरुदेव। ईश्वर आपको लम्बी उम्र प्रदान करे। ताकि आप अपने विद्यार्थियों का पथ प्रदर्शन करते रहे। आशिर्वाद का आकांक्षी...... Love you very much sir!
- Amit Rai, Allahabad, March 2017,,
I'd like to congratulate Sandeep sir for getting the top writer award of Quora 2017 (u truly deserve it).I have attended tonnes of online lecture courses from Indian to international but Bodhi Booster and its content is hands down the best anyone can get anywhere. Sir's teaching is just marvelous (I wish i could attend your lectures live). He is a breathing encyclopedia,every time i attend his Prabodhan, i'm just amazed by the amount of knowledge he pours down in just a single prabodhan or video lecture). His teaching style is so fluid and to the point,everyone from a beginner to an expert can learn something from u sir. The bi-lingual nature of the Prabodhan is just like a cherry on the cake. He is like the "Dronacharya" for every learning "Pandava" (or kaurava :P) is looking for.Bodhi probodhan is not only useful for exams purposes but the knowlege u aquire will surey make u stand out of any crowd u are a part of. With a mentor like Sandeep sir one never wants learning to stop. thank u sir :)
- Prateek Kohli, Delhi, March 2017

[##eye## Bodhi Shiksha]  [##leaf## Bodhi Saar]  [##leaf## बोधि बूस्टर हिंदी]  [##leaf## Bodhi Resources]  [##microphone## Bodhi Bhasha]  [##newspaper-o## Bodhi News],,
Thanks Bodhi Booster team for providing such a great platform for knowledge seekers.The knowledge revolution started by you is totally changed the life of many students like me by giving us a 360 perspective of everything. You are making us ready for the upcoming knowledge economy. I hope and pray that this platform goes bigger and bigger day by day and would continue like this for a long time. Thanks for making our life better.
- Sachin Sharma, Panchkula, March 2017

[ ##thumbs-o-up##  Write a Testimonial!]   [##star## Sameeksha Stars]     [##star## PT Stars]    [##fighter-jet## Free PT Boosters!],,
I am very thankful to sir for building such an advance and effective learning platform which now has made my way easy.Earlier I was very confused in taking the initiative of preparation (from where to start?), but with this course every thing is looking very easy. Your obedient.
- Sooraj Kumar, Varanasi, March 2017,,
I have joined the premium section of Bodhi Booster just 2 months ago but I have been reading such topics from various sources. Here, is my observation on this portal.

1. Sandeep Sir taught me reading ‘The Economist’. We use to have 3-4 hours weekly session on the same during the M.B.A. academic program. Initially, you (students) may feel tough and monotonous but when you keep going through the topics, you will not only develop an ocean of knowledge but you will start enjoying the same like watching a blockbuster bollywood movie.

2. PT Education/IAS academy is not only training the students for the competitive examinations but also helping the students in developing their thought process by sharing three sixty degree analyses on a wide range of topics. The list of topics is exhaustive.

3. Sandeep Manudhane Sir has taught lakhs of students till today in different fields. All of them can’t fetch a salary of 1 crore or all of them can’t convert the final IAS call but surely a chunk of serious learners will convert the final IAS call and the MBA aspirants will be able to convert the interviews in the final call. Apart from training the students on the ways to fetch the success in the respective field of career there is an important job that this institute is doing is to develop good human beings. In depth analysis on various social issues helps us to understand who we are and apart from learning the topics just to crack the exams are we really taking them as life learning lessons? In a year if only 1-2 students can convert the final call and can become a successful IAS officer and barely 10 students can take the learning seriously and can become intellectuals/responsible citizens of our society then who would not want to join this institute. If the initial structure formation of our thought process will pass through the rigid orthodox family values or within a group of restricted friend circle or traditional degrees in girls college then probably we can seek a good job in the market (government/private) but can never become a good citizen who must carry an ability to distinguish between right and wrong with sound logic supported by facts/figures. In the today’s fast moving world where husband/wife both are working and find it difficult to give time to their kids the society is looking for an institute like PT Education or an online project like Bodhi Booster which can shape the brains of students in the right path. Sandeep Sir, my request to you is to come up with a separate project on this idea. Looking towards the pathetic conditions of schools and colleges and massive number of young people who lives in hallucinations this kind of project is required in our society.

4. In my opinion there should be a separate section for The Economist analysis in the premium portal. It has been 7 years I left the analysis session taught by you (SM Sir) but I have been reading this newspaper with same level of enthusiasm. You always keep on saying that all the CEOs, Presidents and similar class people read this journal but believe me in a multinational organization even the department Head, senior MD, CTO says that, “This girl knows more than what I have learnt in the past 40 years”. Some says senior management people says that, “It takes lot of guts and courage to speak with the CEO” and the last comment that I get from the senior management people is “No more questions please” and they take a deep breath. All these things may or may not directly related to our day to day work but we must learn the art of connecting the topics then only the colors will be visible.

5. Sandeep Sir, you keep sharing your thoughts on the famous movie Dangal and Aamir Khan! I must say, your each session is a Dangal movie. Aamir Khan is releasing one such movie in a year but Bodhi Booster is releasing one Bodhi Prabodhan every week. You are way ahead of him. It is just a matter of time people must realize the value of it and must start reading it sincerely.
- Richa Rai, Bangalore, March 2017,,
Well, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bodhi Team for facilitating such a great platform to learn. You guys are doing fabulous job, which provide us to gain knowledge in a vast range. And, of course, dear Sandeep Sir, I think you have a great teaching style in which you used stuff from different sources and combine them into a simplified version which help us in easier understanding of the subject. You have a very unique way of teaching. Now, i am preparing for UPSC, and Bodhi sites help me a lot to get so many valuable resources. Bodhi booster knowledge portal not only help me for my preparation, but, also help to develop my personality, gives a very deep perspective about all happenings of the world. After following a few weeks in this sites, one can easily feel the difference in her/his approach towards her/ his life and other subjects too. I also recommended my husband, my cousins to go through this great experience. :)
- Soumya Giri, Kolkata, March 2017

[ ##thumbs-o-up##  Write a Testimonial!]   [##star## Sameeksha Stars]     [##star## PT Stars]    [##fighter-jet## Free PT Boosters!],,
Thank you so much sir for your smart work.sir your bilingual teaching style is very nice. PTs & Bodhi's every video is useful. Thanks a lot.                                                                                                                                                    
- Ashutosh, Sitamarhi, March 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ,,
I had joined PT Education last year for upsc 2017-18, and I found this as the best place for building extensive broad knowledge. SFC (Story, fact, concept) technique made me more conscious. And apart from this the Bodhi Booster initiative polishes our knowledge with less effort. Sandeep sir, I am very thankfull to you for making this very easy and also your whole team is doing gracious work.
- Niraj Kumar Ranjan, Noida, March 2017,,
Boodhi Booster and all the other of its constituent components are a massive well of important and complex analytical information, which makes it very resourceful and a very handy tool for all of the competitive examinations. It gives complete insight about some of the most essential events of the country and also around the world. If used at its maximum, it can prove to be an excellent catalyst in the preparation of any competitive examination student. So, i would request Manudhane sir and all of his associates to keep on the exceptional work they are doing, and I thank them for their help and guidance to us through this valuable package for not only helping us in our preparation but also giving us a hands on knowledge about how the world works.
- Suvam Dhar, Guwahati, March 2017,,
First of all i thank you to sandeep sir and whole PT Team providing such a wonderfull thought of self preap course . The resources of PT education regarding knowledge is best.India no 1 institue regarding IAS preparations. The way of teaching sandeep sir and Ram Mohan sir is really understandable. kar ke dikhayenge.....! Love you PT Education.
- Ameen, Madanapalle, Chittoor, March 2017,,
I Dont know how to shere my thanks to Bodhi.Because this is a very helpful for us.Bodhi booster gyan Portal its a amazing.thanku sir and team thanks a lot.
- Devendra Patel, Indore, March 2017,,
Pranam sir and a warm hello to th jubilant bodhi team. This is my second testimonial. Thank you for changing my perspective and making me aware about the importance of history. The links which are being updated on a daily basis is really a "gyan ka sagar" for any knowledge seeker. A special thanks to sandeep sir for demystifying and making the union budget and the economic survey a very lively topic which one of my friend forcibly told me to enroll into. I thank the bodhi team for giving deep insights on day to day topics along with that ocean of knowledge which is available in the libks provided. Bahut bahut dhanyawàd sir for showering so much of knowledge onto us. My way of looking into the present world and scenario has been dramatically transformed. Thank you sandeep sir for inducing so much energy into all the bodhi seekers. Jai hind Jai bharat.
- Brajesh Mishra, Bhagalpur, March 2017

[ ##thumbs-o-up##  Write a Testimonial!]   [##star## Sameeksha Stars]     [##star## PT Stars]    [##fighter-jet## Free PT Boosters!],,
I am a software engineer by profession. during one of my onsite deputation I came across your YouTube video on World War II . I was never that much interested in history and wish we had teacher like you in school days. I slowly started watching your other videos on topics like Hinduism and others. Then I got deputed to Patna for a government project and lost track as internet is still luxuriou here. Thanks to second round of telecommunications boom I started looking for your YouTube video and came across bodhi news. Thanks once again for sharing your great knowledge with us it really helps us to see things with much clear pictures
- Saket Kashyap, Patna, March 2017,,
I experience that this is an educational mall where the whole thing is available regarding Knowledge and also i feeling that my mental ability is developing day by day. Any where when i go, people says that, "Physically you may be defeat but on the table of talk same will be difficult". lol... I consider Sandeep Sir as my GURU and now my life is changing day by day. The knowledge given by you in the form of BODHI... i am spreading around my entire environment and i hope this will bring a lots of life on a good,nobel and constructive way. once again i am giving a million thanks to you and your entire team.
- Shashank Shrivastava, Ara Bihar, March 2017,,
I have been associated with PT education over the past one year. Journey of UPSC-IAS prepation started a year ago after a good 3-4 months of research regarding various coaching institutes, or should I go to delhi for preparations. Then I came across sandeep sir and Ram sir lectures on Youtube and started to learn more about his team and made my decision to subscribe for self-prep course. I will never regret this decision in my life as I have been learning under the right GURU and his supportive team. From then on there is no looking back. Added to the self prep course is the Bodhi Booster,shiksha,premium section, saar and many more. Though IAS syllabus is covered comprehensivley ,the bodhi booster added that extra knowledge of current affairs needed for preparations. I highly recommend PT's IAS academy for IAS preparation. Sandeep sir, Ram sir and the entire PT team I thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a great work. Sandeep sir looking forward to meet you soon.
- Nischal V, Bengaluru, March 2017

[ ##thumbs-o-up##  Write a Testimonial!]   [##star## Sameeksha Stars]     [##star## PT Stars]    [##fighter-jet## Free PT Boosters!],,
It's been late for me to fill the form, Please excuse me for that. Because I don't have any words to say something, as everybody has used all the beautiful words on you. So please accept my gratitude through my feelings. "The Real Bodhi at Gaya has given us a Budhha long ago, but now virtual Bodhi is on a way making lot of Budhha's". Once I am wandering with a barren field with full of weeds, your farmers sow deep valued seeds, Will take time to sprout and flower, But once the smell is out, it will do its deeds.
- Mahendra, Andhra Pradesh, March 2017,,
Really its very very informative, and also playing a major role in my skill building.
- Shabbir Hassan, Aligarh, March 2017,,
Kudos! A thoroughly resourceful, objective, unbiased, excellent and educational endeavor by sandeep manudhane sir and bodhi booster team. Enjoying and learning simultaneously. Deeply thankful and its my pleasure to b a part of this very thoughtful initiative.
- Mohammed Abdul Muheeb, Hyderabad, March 2017,,
I hearty congratulate the Sandeep Sir and Whole Bodhi Booster team for creating a pool of knowledge. I am enrolled Student of UPSC PTIAS Academy from One Year, I work in PSU Bank, First thinking about UPSC it was very vast from me, But watching the lectures and gaining continuously from Bodhi Booster Website, my confidence is developed and evolving. It is the ocean of knowledge. Now we dont need to Google for the Current affairs and not need to read anonymous sources that may be unreliable. The deepness of sections gave us boost in confidence and it change the way how we think. Going to Bodhi Booster is now habit of lifetime. I am confident and i will crack the UPSC and give all credential to Sandeep Sir's efforts. The academy really have mastery about the requirement of students. Thank you all very much for suck knowledge enlightenment.
- Gaurav Juneja, Kotkapura, March 2017,,
I am student of PT Education and following bodhi booster from 4 months. The detailed analysis of issues of India, people, and world perspective helps me to build my own views and motivate me to read as vast as I can . It's Sandeep sir efforts that I am leaning towards articles of economist magazine (the same magazine which presidents and CEOs read) . The notebook of bodhi news and bodhi saar have become a well researched to the point current affairs booklet . Thank you sir for these life lessons.
- Suraj Narayan, Gaya, March 2017,,
Everyday I read and watch the videos which helps me to activate a new neuron in my brain. My motto in life is to be "Always Better Than Yesterday" and you are really helping me on this. Just want to say two words "Thank You" for everything you are doing for a better society and a better nation. Long Live INDIA.
- Shivam Bansal, Meerut, March 2017,,
I'm a mechanical engineering student. I'm always trying to find a content where 360 degree Knowledge present in one platform and Bodhi Booster is one of them.It is very helpful to boost my knowledge in my own vision. I follow this site from last four month. Thanks Sandeep sir!!
- Rahul Verma, Bhubaneswar, March 2017,,
There are many sources of knowledge available on the internet but the problem which beginners like me face is that everything is obfuscated so much that it becomes arduous for students to understand but It's said that if there is a problem, there will be a solution to that problem too. -- Bodhi Booster is that solution for me. The way Sandeep sir elucidates everything for students is commendable. Your smile always emboldens me. -- Keep smiling!
- Piyush Tiwari, Indore, March 2017,,
The bodhi booster services are the best ever !! The best ever detailed and comphrehensive analysis of the various world events and the full fledged sea of knowledge lies here.
- Ayush Kedia, Raipur, March 2017

[ ##thumbs-o-up##  Write a Testimonial!]   [##star## Sameeksha Stars]     [##star## PT Stars]    [##fighter-jet## Free PT Boosters!],,
Bodhi Saar has proved to be very useful for me.since I have started to read and watch Bodhi news,have proved a pathmaker for me.It enables me to aware of current affairs and various issues and helps me in different ways.I am really thankful to the whole PT Education family and would suggest my friends to go through the site and be benifited.
- Sushmita, Muzaffarpur, March 2017,,
Sir I am regular follower of Bodhi Booster....It is very wonderful and unique idea to improve our knowledge as well as it's excellent practices, updation and All in One is unique practice of you thank you
- Pranav Tiwari, Kawardha, March 2017,,
Sir, I am a regular follower of your analysis. This helps me in my preparation. Thank you from the core of my heart.
- Harsh Garg, New Delhi, March 2017

[ ##thumbs-o-up##  Write a Testimonial!]   [##star## Sameeksha Stars]     [##star## PT Stars]    [##fighter-jet## Free PT Boosters!],,
Sir...Your all lectures work not only as source of knowledge but also as an inspirational source to generate enthusiasm. Your 360 degree coverage is extremely useful. Plz..sir. Keep it up. Love from Marathi Manus...
- Sunil Bhalchandra Umate, Latur, March 2017,,
It's wonderful having a portal like yours. A great help to all aspiring students and seekers of knowledge and informations with an insight. It's inspiring and encouraging. All d best!!
- AJS, Ahmedabad , March 2017,,
यह पोर्टल मनुष्य के दिमाग के प्रारूप (prototype) के अनुसार बनाया है. हरेक द्रश्य-श्रुत-लिखित सामग्री को "कनेक्टिंग ध डॉट" सिध्धांत अनुसार एक दुसरे से जोड़ी गयी है. यही प्रक्रिया माहिती प्रक्रिया एवं विश्लेषण(data processing and analysis) के दौरान हमारे मस्तिष्क में अनायास होती है. दिमाग की इस तकनीक को गहराई समजकर यह portal को विक्सित किया है. सभी बोधि पोर्टल हमारे दिमाग की सिखने की प्रक्रिया के अनुरूप बनाया है. एक और मजेदार बात है यहाँ उपयुक्त शब्द "द्वार" को अंग्रेजी में portal कहते है तो यह portal अपने शाब्दिक और वास्तविक अर्थ में "बोधी portal" है. I received many thing from bodhi sites, i have no exact words for express what i got here. thanks.
- Priya Patel, Ahmedabad, March 2017

[ ##thumbs-o-up##  Write a Testimonial!]   [##star## Sameeksha Stars]     [##star## PT Stars]    [##fighter-jet## Free PT Boosters!],,
Dear Sandeep sir and The Bodhi Booster Team, I would like to congratulate you and thank you for starting this revolutionary knowledge portal for all of us. Bodhi Booster is now emerging as a one-stop solution for all those who want to seek knowledge in varying depths. After going through this portal on a regular basis, I feel to have an edge over most other people. On a regular basis, I wait for updates on Bodhi News for headlines and day-facts which make me a well-informed citizen. The quality and quantity of content in the entire portal speaks of the amount of dedication, hard work and time that the entire Bodhi Booster Team has put in to give it a concrete and solid shape - all this has surely borne out of passion led by a great leader. I have been following Sandeep sir's blog, Quora account. PT's YouTube channel for quite some time now, and I feel grateful that I found a mentor like Sandeep sir. Thanking you Utkarsh Singh
- Utkarsh Singh, Mirzapur, March 2017,,
I have been using and its linked web links web portal since four months, before taking lessons from this web portal, my knowledge in the General Awareness or Current Affairs or some of the demanding topics that could be asked in various competitive examinations as a direct question or some in essay/letter writing or in GD+PI was not up to date and didn't know how to deal with it, now I am confident to use this web portal rich content, precisely crafted knowledge. This open source and freely available daily updates can greatly help individual to boost knowledge and succeed in life.
- Rohit A Nitnaware, Nagpur, March 2017,,
I got the basic concept of many topics which gave me confidence to appear in competitive exams. Thanks a lot.
- D S Rathore, Ajmer, March 2017

[ ##thumbs-o-up##  Write a Testimonial!]   [##star## Sameeksha Stars]     [##star## PT Stars]    [##fighter-jet## Free PT Boosters!],,
First of All Thank you Sir, for your effort to spread knowledge in such a simple, interesting and definitely helpful way. This helps me to boost and feed my hunger for knowledge. Your depth knowledge on topics and guidance helps me to win and overcome some critical situation in Group Discussions. I become a fan of Yours not since this bodhi but since I first saw one of your lecture on Terrorism, Hinduism and many others on Youtube. Stay healthy and happy Sir, we need your kind attention. Thank you again Your sincere student Rakesh Tiwary
- Rakesh Tiwari, New Delhi, March 2017,,
I am improve our knowledge by using the Bodhi News. Thanks to all Bodhi team.
- Anand Mohan, Greater Noida, March 2017,,
I started with the Hinduism video lecture it changed my complete thinking .Even I have learned the shiva 14 maheswar sutras and chanting daily. Bodhibooster gave me the confidence to prepare for state psc exams. Thanks BodhiBooster Team for Awesome knowledge. Keep Growing!!!
- Jitendra Rawat, Chennai, March 2017,,
1. Intellectual Iridescence - Promised and Delivered ! 2. Complexities of Topics - Dealt and Eased out ! 3. Antiquity+Diversity - Established with Authority ! "The BodhiBooster" ... This noun can dress up different adjectives altogether... Highly Promising, Enriched , Colorful source of knowledge for transforming education! गुरुदेव संदीप मानुधने - आपका यह प्रयास अत्यंत सराहनीय एवं वन्दनीय है | बोधिबूस्टर से जुड़कर शिक्षा के इस क्रांतिकारी, वैभवशाली एवं गौरवशाली समाहार का पूर्णत: लाभ हमें मिल रहा है, इसकी सहायता से तथ्य एवं तत्वबोधन हिन्दीभाषी एवं हिंदी प्रेमियों के लिए भी अत्यंत सरल एवं सुलभ हो चुका है । अतः आपकी द्विभाषी क्रांति की सफलता की कामना करते हुए बहुत-बहुत बधाई ।।
- Hrishikesh Padhye, Umaria, March 2017,,
Sandeep sir, thanks a lot for bringing a revolution in academic by introducing bodhibooster. I have been an alumni of your academy, have been preparing for various govt. exams. I missed my Bank PO selection by 0.6 marks(final list) last year and this time waiting for April 1, besides preparing for jpsc and upsc. One thing I wanted to tell you sir, that you have guided us a lot in "HOW TO LIVE A HAPPY AND GOOD LIFE "which I feel is more important. Just by mere parroting the things, one can pass an exam but he may fail in his/her life. You have redefined the new style of learning which was the need of the hour, I think. I will always respect you in my life, irrespective of my results, because you are helping the students to grow not only professionally but also personally. I hope, someday, i will come to seek your blessings. Yes sir, I am learning and growing. JAI HIND.
- Navnit Kumar, Deoghar, Jharkhand, March 2017,,
आपका मार्ग दर्शन अतुलनीय है सर वास्तविक गुरू की भूमिका में।

- Rajesh Kumar, Buxar, Bihar, March 2017,,
प्रिय संदीप सर, सादर प्रणाम ज्ञान के सागर हैं, ये अमूल्य पोर्टल्स, आपका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद!

- Krishna Solanki, Jaipur, March 2017,,
Dear Sir..... I am Chemistry teacher, working in Seychelles, a foreign nation, In India Ocean. I write appreciate your work to educate people. Sir you are my favorite lecturer. You communicate such a way that every one gets comprehend about the topic, not only the topic but also the pronunciation and Hindi language. I have followed all lectures available in your youtube channel and Bodhibooster. Since I am a science teacher, I never had an interest focus on generals studies and current affairs but Mr Sandeep Manudhane made me to follow it and I am very much focused on these topics. Because of your Lecturer, I have been attracted to civils. First and foremost I would like to join teacher service in Telangana state first then I focus on civils. Further I write thank you for your service for the mankind. Very few people are there like you in India.
- Shanker Rapelly, Adilabad, March 2017

I am feeling overwhelmed to share my experience with Bodhi Booster so far. I am working with an IT giant since 4 years and preparing for various entrance exams. Various videos on You Tube, Sir's blogs and online material have been very helpful. But Bodhi Booster is just above all. Its a All in One Scheme and very easily accessible to anyone who is curious about things happening around him. My father has also started using the portal along with many of my friends. Thank you Manudhane sir and entire PT Education team. I only want to request to Manudhane sir if he could come to Pune and give us opportunity to interact with him and to get guidance from him, we Punekars would be grateful to him. Snehal Deshpande
- Snehal Deshpande, Pune, March 2017,,
GREETINGS SIR! It's my pleasure to listen Mr. Sandeep sir 4-5 times in a week and 2 times "live" in a month in the form of sameeksha live session. Its a very good exprience to learn many more things in only 1 platform. I m very thankful to Mr. Sandeep sir and entire team of PT's IAS academy for giving this "world" class education. This portal improves my knowledge worldwide and art of answer writing. I recommended this portal to all aspirants who wish to increase their knowledge and wide their perspective about many issues. I follow all weblinks given by Sir and I found it is very useful for me. Thanks a lot of sir for all the session of bodhi and sameeksha sessions and sharing knowledge with us. Good wishes for Mr. Sandeep sir and entire bodhi team and pt's IAS academy. It is very positive approach and I will always be greatful. thank u very much sir.
- Narayan Singh Bhadouriya, Bhind, March 2017,,
मैं बोधि बूस्टर के सभी सदस्य को धन्यवाद देता हूँ कि इतने सुपर रिच कंटेंट न सिर्फ इंग्लिश मे बल्कि हिंदी मे भी प्रदान किया जा रहा है। मैं PT IAS ACADEMY के UPSC Self-Prep Course से सात महीने से जुड़ा हूँ इसलिए मैं बोधि प्रबोधन का भी भरपूर लाभ ले रहा हूँ। बोधि प्रबोधन, बोधि बूस्टर का अमेजिंग पोर्टल है जिसने मुझे किसी भी मुद्दे पर गहराई से समझ विकसित करने मे मदद की, और मैं  चाहता हूँ कि आप ऐसे ही ज्ञान की बारिश करते रहें और मै उस ज्ञान के बारिश मे नहाता रहूँ। मैं संदीप मानुधने सर के चरणों मे सादर प्रणाम करता हूँ, और एक बार फिर से बोधि बूस्टर परिवार को धन्यवाद देता हूँ। जय हिन्द!
- Dhanju Kumar, Patna, March 2017,,
I have been following Sandeep sir since 5 months. Sir you are like a rock star for me! The Bodhi portal is a treasure. NO words to explain how beautiful this portal, and our Sandeep sir. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

- Swapnil Pawar, Indore, March 2017,,
I was searching for a reliable source of information! since years on the internet no matter there are so many websites and blogs to follow all over the network, but I never came across the quality, amount, ease of access, incredible way of presentation passion and supportiveness and most importantly the innovation in education process as finest as provided by the PT education team in the form of Bodhi booster anywhere on the internet as well as in any physical form. I pay my maximum possible respect to Mr. SANDEEP sir and all other members of his team for providing me this super excellent experience of knowledge bilingually which helped me in understanding issues with depth and constructing a confidence in me to tackle exams and PI's, I thank you again for whatever you endow upon the students and learners. Thank you for everything. :))
- Gaurav Sharma, Shimla, March 2017,,
एक साल से यह पोर्टल से जुडा हूँ. प्रतिदिन नया ही प्रतीत होता हैं. पता नहीं था की ज्ञान इतना रोमांचक और रसप्रद भी होता हैं (पढाई के वक्त बहोत भारी लग रहा था). मेरे जैसे कई छात्र होंगे जो अच्छी अंग्रेजी नहीं जानने की वजह से "पंगु" थे. श्रीमान मानुधने गुरूजी की वजह से --पङ्गुं लङ्घयते गिरिं--- चरम तो ये हैं की साथ साथ अंग्रेजी स्वतः ही सिख रहा हूँ. लेकिन सर ज्ञान की ये बारिश हम पर हिंदी में भी बरसाने की कृपा करते रहिएगा. -आप का सदा के लिए अति आभारी रहूँगा

- Kishorkumar Vala, Rajpipla, March 2017,,
Bodhi Booster knowledge portal has proved really helpful in my preparation for UPSC. In this era of "media excess" where information is coming from every corner, it becomes critical to focus only on what is relevant. In this regard Bodhi Booster portal is a great tool to get the big picture without getting lost .I really appreciate the knowledge and perspective of Mr. Sandeep Manudhane on current events. His ability to cover the issues in multiple dimensions is truly remarkable. There are other websites who cover current events but most of them fail to impart "thought process". They are only filled with facts and info but lack 360 degree perspective about the issues. I recommend this portal to all aspirants who wish to increase their knowledge and widen their perspective.
- Satyendra Yadav, Lucknow, March 2017,, http://Hindi.BodhiBooster.comI have been following Sandeep sir from 6 months and watching video and his blogs. As soon as i got to know about bodhibooster i was excited. It has completely changed me as a student. Now i am more confident student who want to learn more and more. As i am preparing for CLAT it is very useful for my GK and English section . Thank You sir. I can't express how much benefit i got from this site and you. Respect and lots of love to all of your team members. - Vaibhav Pasi, Thane, February 2017,, http://Hindi.BodhiBooster.comNow it is almost four months of my journey with It has given me a new hope and support to go for UPSC Civil service examination, especially with the wider perspective development on diverse issues and going through the context of issues arising each day. Bodhi Booster helped in improving my handwriting. Special Thanks to Mr. Sandeep Manudhane and the team he is working with. Sir, I really appreciate this support regarding taking a step towards education revolution for all of us out there. Me and my nephew who is ninth standards, discuss the day's facts and sometimes current issues. He finds most of the issues worrisome. He asks so many questions regarding India and its position in the world, sometimes I need to figure out and tell him. Thanks Once Again, Learners out there loving your team's work. I really want to share a line from my teacher, "Shuruvaat to karo Badlega Bharat"and I believe in this. Love and Respect to all good samaritans. - Suraj Dhoke, Mumbai, February 2017,, http://Hindi.BodhiBooster.comI am very thankful for Bodhi Booster team for providing great resources. Also team dedication for students is seen from different categories they have made for learner. Everyday we get inspiration from Bodhi Booster. thank u sir n team!

- Shivaji Panage, Pune, February 2017                                                                                                                      ,, http://Hindi.BodhiBooster.comYe ek behattar Gyan sangrah hai!

Yahan har naye aur adyatit sangrah mil pata hai.

- Amarnath Yadav, Latur, February 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ,, http://Hindi.BodhiBooster.comIt is always pleasure to listen to Sandeep Sir. I was part of Pinnacle batch back in 1998-99 and since then I have admired Sir's way of presentation and talking. Sir you are really helping a lot and giving back to society and students in all possible ways. I always remember your words "Ships are never meant for harbour, fortune favours the Brave". Thanks a lot for all your wonderful Bodhi sessions and sharing knowledge with us. May God always bless you and your dreams and projects come true. Good wishes for the entire Bodhi Booster team. God bless all!
- Mahesh Karamchandani, Dubai, February 2017,, http://Hindi.BodhiBooster.comThe way creation of Bodhi Booster has enhanced our abilities of understanding various issues is unmatched. We can practically feel the difference in our thinking also in our day to day lives. This portal in the long run, will not only help the students for clearing exams, but will also be one of the pioneering efforts in making our Indian Society great again. My humble suggestion would be to also include lectures on social issues like corruption, secularism, gender discrimination so that the overall wisdom of the society increases and that will ultimately result into the India of our dreams becoming a reality. Thanks a ton to Sandeep Sir and the entire Bodhi Booster Team. - We the people of India are indebted to you for the this wonderful initiative that you're running. May god give you strength to continue this amazing initiative for long time and bless you all. Jai Hind!
- John Amir Himani, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, February 2017,, http://Hindi.BodhiBooster.comPranam Sandeep sir.. Hello bodhi team.... I am a UPSC aspirant and i owe too much to this portal which is into its 4 months only. My way of looking into the current world and societyl has changed dramatically. Àn urge of acquiring more has crept into my nature of which the impetus is given by the high quality content available exclusively in this portal. And i would also like to thank sandeep sir for an excellent and vast insight with which he endowed us in the economic survey and union budget. I feel very fortunate after going through that five sessions. Thank you sir,thank you bodhi team. I hope to clear my exam and serve my nation as patriotically and energetically as sandeep sir teaches and helps the students like us. Tons and tons of thanks. Jai hind!
- Brajesh Mishra, Bhagalpur, Bihar, February 2017,, http://Hindi.BodhiBooster.comयह पोर्टल केवल विद्यार्थी और परिक्षार्थियो के लिए नहीं है ऐसा प्रतीत होता है, बोधि ज्ञान (बोधिसार, बोधिन्युज़, बोधिबूस्टर, बोधिशिक्षा ई.) विश्व को नयी द्रष्टि से देखने का सामर्थ्य प्रदान करता है. पहले यहाँ ज्ञान की नदी बहती थी, अब वो निरंतर बड़ी होकर विराट सागर का आकार ले रही है, और यह घटना निरंतर घटित होती है और प्रतिदिन और बड़ी होती जा रही है, यहाँ आकर मुझे ऋग्वेद में लिखित एक सत्य का साक्षात्कार हुआ "भद्राः क्रतवः नः विश्वतः आयन्तु आ ! नः भद्राः क्रतवः विश्वतः यन्तु || ऋग्वेद १-८९-१ || यही उद्दात भावना से बना ये ज्ञान द्वार (portal) सबके लिए आदान प्रदान का उत्कृष्ट माध्यम निश्चित ही है. तो हमारी ओर से शुभकामना और हमारा समय आपको देते रहेंगे. बोधि प्रबोधन का यह भागीरथ कर्तव्य का वहन करने वाले अभिभावकों और समग्र टीम को धन्यवाद!
- DRB PARASANA, Surat, February 2017

[ ##thumbs-o-up##  Write a Testimonial!],, http://Hindi.BodhiBooster.comA lot of thanks to you sir! I can't join coaching institute but there is passion in my heart to understand the world view and crack UPSC exam. I saw a good and real image about BHARAT in your sight. I am continually getting the juice from your website. I am thankful to you!

- Lal Babu, Bhopal - February 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                            ,, http://Hindi.BodhiBooster.comFirst of all, thank you so much sir for this amazing resources at one place. The amazing thing is that we can access this at any time.

I am a Beginner but i am learning from these resources.

Thank you sir!
- Vinay Goyal, Gwalior - February 2017                                                                                                              ,, http://Hindi.BodhiBooster.comSir first of all a great thanks to you and PT team for a amazing and i must say one plus ultra of knowledge by creating this BODHI BOOSTER and its sister reading the article like #GST, TERRORISM, DEMONETISATION, HINDUISM AND MANY MORE.. I am ultra sure that i could not get this type of perspective and knowledge from any source...bodhi sameeksha live session is a best initiative but i wish it to be some more duration... I want to here mention a great saying by SWAMI VIVEKANANDA.. ''Test everything , try everything ,and then believe it , and if you find it for the good of many, give it to all'' ...yes I want to spread and i am spreading this knowledge oriented initiative...Thanks
- Jayant Pathak, Tonk - February 2017,, http://Hindi.BodhiBooster.comIt's very useful for all of us.

Thank you

Siddhant Jain, Bhind, February 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ,, http://Hindi.BodhiBooster.comGreat learning experience!

Learned new things.

Thank you Team PT for this amazing experience. 

- Yogesh Kumar, Pathankot, February 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ,, http://Hindi.BodhiBooster.comIt's a very good initiative by you Sir. I use appox all resources to gain full knowledge about the topic. With the bodhi booster portal journey i have learned so many things. Now i can understand any news with connections of there past and future aspects. Now I can write eassy on any topic because daily knowledge of bodhi news provide very good contact. My one not book almost full. Now I can speak in any GD without nervousness because in my mind if any topic given so i have something relevant fact about it. These is very good source of current affairs like i have almost understand about DeMo , GST , economic survey, Union budget. I would like to continue this journey to gain more knowledge. The way of presentation is really interesting even my some friends and family members used bodhi news and wait for it to understand the issue. Bodhi news is best . We have very good resources on one page so we can utilise it and provide satisfaction to our mind. Words are less to explain about this. - Rahul Sharma, Indore, February 2017

[ ##thumbs-o-up##  Write a Testimonial!],, http://Hindi.BodhiBooster.comI am a student of PT's IAS Academy. When i started my preparation i thought if Sandeep Sir could teach me on tough current affairs/Magazines/newspapers' articles. It could be a wonderful learning experience and few months later they (pt's team) started services like bodhi prabodhan, bodhi saar, bodhi news and sameeksha. It is a great umbrella under which I can learn everything.special thanks to my dear sir Sandeep Manudhane Sir!
- Sukhpreet Singh Sidhu, Bathinda/Lambi/Channu - February 2017,, http://Hindi.BodhiBooster.comBodhi Booster has provided me a new height of knowledge and general awareness which i was lacking and was searching for a portal where I could get all the knowledge and info about current events going on. As I am preparing for the management entrance exams it has helped me a lott.
 - Shubham Vijay - New Delhi - February 2017     ,, http://Hindi.BodhiBooster.comI can't explain in words so much helpful god bless you ever ever forever!
- Chandan Kumar Singh - Allahabad
- February 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ,, http://Hindi.BodhiBooster.comThe Bodhi Booster team is doing a wonderful job. I am part of the Premium service as well and the sessions are so amazing that it feels the frequency should be more and more(The same feeling when i finish an episode of some of my favorite TV series and have to wait for one more week for the next). I have enrolled for the Volunteer programme. Being a UPSC aspirant i write essays/ articles often so i would like to share. If the time finds them good enough they can be shared on the portal. Thanks to Sandeep Sir and the whole team!
- Akshat Mittal - Chandigarh - February 2017,, http://Hindi.BodhiBooster.comGreetings Sir! I'm a very small being to even text you in the first place. It wont make much sense for you to consider reading my message entirely. I just wanted you to know that you have been extremely influential in many aspects to me. I have not had a chance to be a physical part of your amazing classroom teaching and learning. And yet, you are the best teacher I've ever learnt things from. I cannot thank you enough for being a major part of my learning process. I will be taking my Managemnt exams in no time now. I don't know what the results would be like. But thank your teachings shall definetely reflect upon the outcome in a very positive manner. I will forever be grateful. Thank you very very much, Sir. - Vinita T. - Mumbai - January 2017
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